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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is a broad field of R&D fields.


  • STEM combines fields for holism
  • STEM combines fields for allocation efficiency
  • STEAM includes Art & Design

Why CS?


GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages serves webpages from Git branches.

  • GitHub Pages serves from the gh-pages branch of project repositories
  • GitHub Pages serves from the master branch of user and organization repos
  • GitHub Pages is backed by a CDN
  • GitHub Pages get URLs like:
  • GitHub Pages can have URLs like:
    • Adding a ./CNAME file to a repo causes GitHub Pages to redirect URLs to the CNAME (e.g.
    • If the DNS domain name does not resolve, GitHub Pages still redirects to the address in the ./CNAME file
  • Pgs can also serve webpages from Git branches like gh-pages and master

GitLab Pages


ReadTheDocs is a free and Open Source web service for publishing Sphinx documentation sets which functions like a Continuous Integration build server and artifact publisher.

Self Directed Learning

Report Process:

Online Courses

Class Central

Class Central aggregates lists of Online Courses.


Udacity is a platform for Online Courses.

Jupyter and Learning

Jupyter Project is great for learning and education.

Learning Topics:

Jupyter and Reproducibility

Jupyter Notebook, Open Science, and Reproducibility.

Lecture notes (in IPython Notebook format) on
Reproducible Science And Modern Scientific Software
“Ten Simple Rules for Reproducible Computational Research”
Rule 3: Archive the Exact Versions of All External Programs Used

Jupyter and TDD


Jupyter notebooks can be submitted and centrally graded with nbgrader.


While it’s possible to run tests of all code cells in a Jupyter notebook programmatically with runipy, it’s usually preferable to factor testable code into a module and a package (e.g. Python Package, Conda package) and then reference those tested functions from within a Jupyter notebook.

JupyterHub Servers

Knowledge Engineering

See: Knowledge Engineering

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