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Schema.org for Education

You can add tags to HTML pages (and JSON-LD documents) that search engines can index.

Schema.org is an RDFS vocabulary with classes and properties; for example: AlignmentObject and educationalAlignment.

When you dereference a schema.org URI with a web browser, there is a corresponding web page describing the term and, in many cases, listing examples of how to use the markup in Microdata, RDFa, and JSON-LD:

Search engines index all three formats.


While the schema.org vocabulary pages are available over HTTPS, when you reference a schema.org class, you reference the HTTP link.

Many of the schema.org education terms came from the LRMI project.


LRMI (Learning Resource Metadata Initiative) is a project with the stated goal of “establish[ing] a common vocabulary for describing learning resources.”

Lesson Plans

How to Create a Lesson Plan

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Evidence-based education


  • arguments for and against assessment

    • Are we assessing students or assessing teachers?

Tools for Assessment


  • A grading rubric may be included in an assignment description sheet shared with students from the start.

School Psychology

Educational Psychology

  • Behavioral

  • Cognitive

  • Developmental

  • Constructivist

I never let schooling interfere with my education.

—Mark Twain

Education must provide the opportunities for self-fulfillment; it can at best provide a rich and challenging environment for the individual to explore, [in their own way].

—Noam Chomsky

Clean Language

  • Symbolic Modeling:

    • We think in metaphors – it’s apparent in our language.

    • A person’s understanding of the world is rooted in their symbolic landscape.

    • Different learners have different metaphorical conceptions.

  • Clean language:

    • MAPS: Metaphors, Assumptions, Paradigms, or Sensations

    • Different ways of saying the same thing:

      • As teachers / coaches / counselors, we can be most effective by recognizing others’ symbolic metaphors and working from there.

      • As teachers, our job is not to impose our metaphors on others.

    • Clean Language offers a few standard question forms (“clean questions”) for maximizing growth in understanding.

Teaching Tools


  • Projection Screens - Sheet

Presentation Tools

A/V: Audio/Visual

Software for Learning

See also: Kids > Software for Learning

CMS: Content Management System

LMS: Learning Managment System

LRS: Learning Record Store

SIS: School Information System

Education Systems

Mastery Learning

  • stltoday article

Teaching as a Profession


  • We can learn from anyone.

  • Some people are good at teaching.

TA: Teaching Assistant

Master of Education

Master of Education is a graduate-level degree earned in a university.

  • e.g. Finland requires all teachers to have Master of Education degrees.


  • ‘Prof.’ – Professor