Small Business Consulting

Business Modeling


How do we justify this expense in terms of Return on Investment?

How do we quantify organic / word-of-mouth marketing?

In terms of sales, what’s a reasonable performance goal?

In terms of market share, what’s a reasonable performance goal?

Are there benchmarks for how / what competitors are doing in this space?

What are our desired outcomes from this experiment?

What do we want to happen when our message reaches people?

See: Information Systems > ROI

Business Plans

“How to make your business plan stand out?”




  • Audience

    • Who are you trying to reach?

  • Actions

    • What do you want them to do?

  • Emotions

    • How do you want them to feel?

Graphic Design

See: Art & Design > Graphic Design


  • SVG -> ICO, PNG

  • [ ] PNG: 16x16, 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512

  • [ ] Apple Touch: 57x57, 72x72, 114x114, 144x144

  • Transparent backgrounds work well

Social Media Images


  • Profile: 160x160

  • Profile: 50x50

  • Cover: 1702x630 (resized to 851x315)


  • Profile: 500x500 (max.)

  • Profile: 73x73

  • Profile: 48x48

  • Profile: 24x24

  • Header: 1252x626 (min. visible: 520x260)


  • Cover: 646x220

  • Standard Logo: 100x60

  • Square Logo: 50x50

  • Careers Cover: 974x238

  • Product Image: 100x80

  • Profile: 450x450

  • Profile: 200x200

  • Profile: 65x65


  • Channel Icon: 800x800

  • Channel Icon: 90x90

  • Channel Art (TV): 2120x1192

  • Channel Art (desktop): 1060x175

  • Channel Art (tablet): 768x175

  • Channel Art (mobile): 640x175


  • Profile: 250x250

  • Cover: 2120x1192


  • Profile: 600x600

  • Profile: 165x165


Photography Checklist
  • [ ] Photography Guidelines

    • [ ] Lighting: Event Time of day, sources, colors, shine

    • [ ] Perspective: Closeups, Angles

    • [ ] Balance: exposure, color balance, contrast, brightness, gamma filters

    • [ ] Location: Building, Storefront, Hallway

    • [ ] People: Stock photos, smiles, grimaces (“what’s (s)he saying?”)

    • [ ] Things: Products, Services, Outcomes

  • [ ] Source Rights

  • [ ] Offsite Backups (CD/DVD, USB Drive)

  • [ ] Photo Gallery; Hosting

    • [ ] Thumbnails

    • [ ] Next/Previous

    • [ ] Multitouch Zoom (“pinch to zoom”)

    • [ ] Album Browser

    • [ ] Carousel API

Layout Graphics

See: Web Development > Web Design > Web Layout

  • [ ] Acquire Web Content from Photographer, Logo Designer, Web Developer/Maintainer

    • SVG vector images are often more rescalable and reusable

    • Which font is the / best matches the wordmark?

  • Legacy websites tend to have embedded image layouts (because style)

Social Media

“I want to favorite/like/share/upvote this but it’s not I can’t just copy the URL I want to click”


  • [ ] Are you tweetable?

    [ ] Can I (send you a) tweet you sometime?

    [ ] What’s your Twitter [(optional) username / handle / URL]?

  • When you add @username (with the @ at symbol, the username is then linked and added to a notification list.

    Tweets that start with @username show in the “Tweets & replies” Twitter User Profile view.

    Tweets that start with .@username show in the “Tweets” Twitter User Profile view; may be linked replies; and still do send a notification to @username and any other @-addressed Tweeters.

  • When you add #example (with the # hashtag symbol) before a word – like in IRC clients and old BBS systems – the hashtag becomes a link to a current search for other tweets containing that hashtag and/or similar terms (after the 140 character limit).

    (e.g. regex #\w+), except for Unicode; and Right-To-Left languages.

  • [ ] #webdev: * HTML templates: Add Twitter cards RDFa attributes and vocabulary markup

  • [ ] Support: Can we enqueue these for followup?


Zapier (z’API-er, ~”happier”) is a software-development-free SaaS web service for integrating 600+ great web APIS through Zaps: triggers (when this) and actions (do this).

  • Users can find and select Zaps from the Zapbook (App Directory).

  • Users can CRUD (create, read, update (edit), delete) Zaps.

  • Zaps run in worker instances with free and paid time and memory limits.

  • Users can review Zap logs and data.

See also:


OpenGraph is an RDFa standard for structured data.

  • When you share a link, Facebook reads the OpenGraph RDFa tags from the linked HTML for e.g. name, description, image.


Location Based Services


Voice Searches to Test

See: Web Development Checklist